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1965 Recently established German rod end and spherical bearings manufacturer for ASKUBAL brand entitles Mr. Jean Rais, a bearing specialist, to introduce and distribute in Italy the new product line.

1983 foundation of new company Getecno Ltd, with the mission of national and international distribution of motion transfer parts.
The initial product portfolio is broadened with and additional rod ends and spherical bearings line, made in Germany exclusively for Getecno, under its own registered brand RODOBAL®.1988 Market demand pushes toward adding new product lines and new Getecno owned brands, RODOFLEX® metal bellows shaft coupling and RODOGRIP® precision locknuts.

1989 Export on European markets is now a regular activity, reaching quickly 15% of overall sales.

1990 US company Aurora Bearing Company chooses Getecno Ltd. for distribution of its products in selected European territories

1991 Getecno gets a larger headquarter, buying a location not far from highway exit Genoa-Est.

1995 Beginning of product specialization for motorsports application.

1997 Begininning of distribution for RODOSET® parts, levelling made in Germany under WASI licence.The distribution agreement with Aurora Bearing Company is now extended to a much wider European area and also Mediterranean countries. Getecno is now established specialist for rod ends and spherical bearings for motorsports applications; first-time exhibitor, with Aurora Bearing Company, to professional racecar industry show, Autosport International in Birmingham (UK).

1998 Company headquarter grows by buying additional building portion

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