To secure rod ends with threaded shaft we supply plain hexagonal jam-nuts, low profile (half nuts), with metric (normal or fine) or imperial UNF threads, right-hand or left-hand. Mild steel, zinc plated or stainless steel A2 or A4

RERS Protections

Rubber protection boots for AURORA® and RODOBAL® rod ends, used to preserve life of rod ends used in harsh environment. Used frequently on high-end automotive or motorsports application.

RELS Rubber side seals

Rubber side seals with integrated stainless steel washer, usable on AURORA® and RODOBAL® rod ends, they are very versatile and very quick to install

Tube adapters

Suitable to fabricate a tie rod, they can be welded at the ends of CrMo tubes; they feature threaded bore, for mounting rod ends, imperial UNF threads, right-hand an left-hand.

DR distance rings and DRH bushings

DR distance rings should be used in combination with rubber protections boots RERS, they provide the solid stop for bolts or pins passing through the ball bore, without bore dia. Reduction.
DRH bushings, usable on RODOBAL® rod ends and spherical bearings, reduce the ball bore, but allow ad additional misalignment angle. DRIH nushing feature inch sizes and can be used on AURORA® rod ends and spherical bearings.

Staking tools

They are needed for proper staking (axial securing) of AURORA® spherical bearings out of motorsports and aerospace series which have the “V” staking groove on the side of the race.
Each spherical bearing type requires its specific tool set, coming in a case, consisting of tool no. 1, tool no. 2, 2 center pins, instructions).

Thread tap tools, UNF threads

Tap tool sets, for cutting UNF threads, right-hand or left-hand, as necessary to use AURORA® rod ends