Functional structure

All AURORA® parts feature sturdy construction and spherical coupling precision, load-bearing capacity, vibration and shock resistance.
In all main manufacturing series there is the option to choose between types with lubricated steel-to-steel couplings or maintenance-free couplings.
The maintenance-free couplings are identified by means of the suffix  "T" and have a reinforced PTFE liner inserted between the internal spherical ring and the steel  race.
This anti-friction liner keeps the spherical coupling lubricated permanently; no lubricating is ever needed and the high quality of the liner keeps the clearance within the required limits, preventing an increase due to wear. The liner is chemically bonded to the steel race; its chemical composition it’s proprietary and patented by Aurora Bearing Company.
Specific pressure resistance and hardness are such that these AURORA® bearings are comparable with those corresponding with steel-to-steel couplings.
On request, the steel-to-steel AURORA® rod ends can have a grease nipple for re-lubricating, fitted on the threaded body.
For special uses, pre-loaded, tight or loose coupling fits can also be supplied.
For all shaft thread with imperial UNF thread pitch, we do offer right-and or left-hand jam nuts applications with brisk acceleration, high rotation speed and rotation direction inversion