When designing and manufacturing car and bikes for professional motorsports, it’s necessary to face extreme technical performance and mechanical parts for general purpose industrial application are not up to this task. AURORA® e RODOBAL® lines of rod ends and spherical bearings feature different manufacturing series, which have beend designed specifically for this very demanding industry. Some accessories for installation and protection are part of our commitment for motorsports industry.

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eliche di superficie SSS


Our product line is including mechanical parts specifically designed for application in marine environment (yachting, ship-building, off-shore, defence). Oxide and corrosion resistant rod ends are available in different stainless steel grades and do not require lubrication

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By the middle of the 1980’s the total quality reputation earned by AURORA® was recognized by the aircraft airframe industry and Aurora Bearing Company was solicited by major aircraft industries to build parts for them to their specification.
At present AURORA® is a line of rod ends and spherical bearings complying SAE-AS aerospace and military specifications, used also on light airframe, general aviation but also space activity constructions.

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