Rod ends and spherical bearings are space saving mechanical units, ready for application, used for transmission of oscillatory movements, combined with rotations and variable misalignments.

RODOBAL rod ends and spherical bearings are typically used in the construction of packaging machinery, textile, machinery, food processing, pneumatic industrial automation and many other different branches of mechanics industry.

The RODOBAL manufacturing programme -with its main manufacturing series and their options for materials, heat and surface treatments, body form and threads specifications- is based on the commitment to offer the best suitable solution to the growing requirements of the technical progress.

In recent times, the demand for stainless components has increased considerably. New types of automatic machinery and new hygienic specifications, especially in food processing, have made the application cases more and more frequent. In addition to the need of the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, tight corrosion resistance requirements come up in ship-building, off-shore oil equipment, for textile and fabric finishing machinery as well as chemical industry.

Technical description.

RODOBAL rod ends with suffix "..MTE" have CrMoNi alloy forged steel body, heat treated, for maximum load capacity. The spherical inner ring is out of hardened carbon steel 100Cr6. Bore and spherical surface are ground; the inner ring is chrome plated. The suffix "E" in ..MTE means the presence between the internal spherical ring and the steel bushing of a reinforced PTFE insert. This antifriction liner serves the purpose of permanently lubricating the joint; the sliding spherical coupling has no clearance and needs no lubrication. These units have no lubrication hole and no grease nipple on the body; competitors’ rod ends with grease nipple have less load capacity.

The spherical fit is a pre-loaded fit, a very tight fit prevents early clearance increase during the life span of the rod ends.

Rod ends' shafts with fine thread pitch -right-hand or left-hand- for accurate overall length setting of the linkage bars fitted with rod ends.

RODOBAL rod ends RM ..MTE are corrosion resistant thanks to surface treatment bright nickel plating of the body, the use of stainless steel for the race and the chrome plating of the inner ring.