Variable distance units

RODOSET® parts are levelling units, known also as “adjustable height spacers”.





Distinctive feature

Levelling units, mechanical parte where the overall height can be adjusted simply by screwing or unscrewing the upper part, using a hook wrench


When electric motor, gear motor, pump or other units must be placed with precision, RODOSET® levelling units can be of great help for solid and accurate mounting, eliminating the need of adjustment brackets and rails.
Even when it’s necessary to re-adjust position or align (for example, in order to tension loose belts), the height adjustment feature makes it easy and quick to perform, without need of additional shims or re-working.
Thread of levelling units is pre-lubricated, for easier adjustment even long time after installation; unit body is corrosion protected by zinc plating; for use in more corrosive environment, units in two different material options, stainless steel Aisi 303 and Aisi 316, are as well available.


Height adjustment can be performed with accuracy, even if the whole assembly is sturdy and more compact than an adjustment bracket with threaded bars and jam-nuts. The whole assembly is rigid and reliable. Units’ body is out of 42CrMo4 alloy steel and can bear high axial load.