What they do

RODOSET® parts are levelling units or, better defined, height adjustable spacers. On these parts the overall height can be fine adjusted simply be rotating the upper part, using a hook wrench. The product purpose is to be a reliable and standard, off-the-shelf solution, to be used instead of more complicated, expensive and time-taking adjustment operations my machining parts on design.

Abundant, but fine adjustment.

Height adjustment is performed rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise the upper part of the RODOSET® unit. The adjustment range is quite broad, so these units can be used in very different application cases.
At same time height adjustment can be very accurate, due to fine pitch of the matching thread: as example, in units RDU 40-22, which can accommodate bolts up to M20, the overall height travel way from 54 mm to 86 mm is reached with 21 full rotations of the upper part.

Reliable support action.

Upper and lower flat faces are large and the general structure out of 42CrMo4 alloy steel is strong enough so that high loads are possible and final assembly compact and sturdy.

Usable between non-parallel surfaces.

RODOSET® product range is including also units that can accept and compensate contact surfaces misalignment un to 4°.
Levelling units series RDU.. RDUK.. RDUL can be combine with self-aligning units RDWS.., which are built like a real axial spherical bearing.
RDUS.. units, besides the usual height adjustment feature, have the self-aligning capacity built in their upper part.

Typical use

When electric motor, gear motor, pump or other units must be placed with precision, RODOSET® levelling units can be of great help for solid and accurate mounting, without needing adjustment brackets made on design.
Even when it’s necessary to re-adjust position or align (for example, in order to tension loose belts), the height adjustment feature makes it easy and quick to perform, without need of additional shims or re-working.
Thread of levelling units is pre-lubricated, for easier adjustment even long time after installation; unit body is corrosion protected by zinc plating; for use in more corrosive environment, units in two different material options, stainless steel Aisi 303 and Aisi 316, are as well available.