Our numbers in logistics!


How important can it be to always have a well-stocked warehouse?
For sure in the current, so complicated situation, the answer is YES, it’s very important!
Our warehouse is a fundamental section of our company, probably not the most visible one, but it has a strategic importance.

Currently our customer base is approximately 5400 customers in over 40 countries; in order to provide the expected good service we rely on two main factors: the exhaustive inventory in the warehouse and how quick we can prepare and ship out customers’ orders.
This is possible because of the broadness and quantity of the items we keep in stock.
But how many?
Keep in mind that we are not distributors for generic industrial supplies, but master distributors, specialized for a limited number of very specific product lines and we keep in stock just about 8000 different items, which generate an average stock supply of 420,000 units.

In 2021 there have been close to 16,000 outgoing operations, compared with about 3,000 incoming. These figures show the variety of demand for products made for us by our manufacturing partners.

How do the products reach the end customer?
Warehouse team gets picking orders daily, goods are prepared immediately, using the packaging style and carries most suitable for every single case.
We do have freight agreements with 6 main logistics partners and in the early afternoon their drivers collect the outgoing shipments.
The destinations are very different, from the nearest to the most distant; of course Italy, but also the rest of Europe, Middle-East, Asia and Americas.

Warehouse operations at Getecno continue throughout the summer, even during the August period, when many other companies are closed for their summer vacations, but many other need urgent deliveries for MRO activity and most international customers are anyway fully active.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us!