Getecno srl plays a role for continuity of sourcing PERMAGLIDE® gliding bearings in Italy.

Distinctive feature

Original PERMAGLIDE have already a good reputation among main OEMs in Italy, especially in automotive industry.

The original PERMAGLIDE® manufacturer is German company KS Gleitlager and in recent years thee distribution network has been re-organized. Since 2011 Getecno srl plays a role for continuity of sourcing PERMAGLIDE® parts in Italy.

The brand

The name Permaglide®, a registered trademark of KS Gleitlager, embodies the product characteristic of permanently low-wear gliding. The use of solid lubricants in the plastic matrix makes it possible to use KS  PERMAGLIDE plain bearings from material group P1 (maintenance-free materials) without oil or grease lubrication.

It is not always possible to carry out plain bearing application tasks using products made from maintenance-free material. In these cases, low-maintenance P2 materials are the perfect solution.
KS  PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings are available as bushes, collar bushes, washers, strips or other designs.

Kolbeschmidt Pierburg

Kolbenschmidt Pierburg AG is the parent company of the Rheinmetall Automotive division.

As a globally successful supplier to the automotive industry, Kolbenschmidt Pierburg’s expertise in air supply systems, emission control, pumps and in the development, manufacture and spare-parts supply of pistons, engine blocks and gliding bearings puts it right at the top of the market.

KS Gliding bearings

Within Kolbenschmidt Pierburg group, KS Gleitlager GmbH is the manufacturing company for precision and high performance gliding bearings.

Modern production technology, innovation and customer orientation have helped to grow KS Gleitlager as internationally established vendor for a broad line of gliding bearings for automotive and industrial application, based on a specific anti-friction liner called PERMAGLIDE®.

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