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RODOBAL®parte are used for accurate transmission of rotational or oscillatory motion, combined with variable misalignment angles.

RODOFLEX® metal bellows couplings can connect misaligned shafts while keeping their torsional stiffness

RODOGRIP® precision locknuts are used to keep in bearings (radiazl, axial) correct position on threaded shafts.

RODOSET® parts are levelling units, known also as “adjustable height spacers”

AURORA®is the rod ends and spherical bearings to match with broad range of requirements for motion transmission.

RULAND® line is made up out of high quality, high performance reliable parts, as already acknokledged by a large number of users worlwide.

PERMAGLIDE® plain bearings is a well known brand, especially among automotive OEM

To make use and application of its product easier, Getecno is supplying also some accessories lines.


RODOGRIP® taper bushing

A technical, easy and efficient solution to match gearwheels shaft or  pulley.

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